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Dr. Denise Y. Mose

When did you begin your author journey?

I was completing my Doctorate degree. As I got closer my Dean said, “You need to publish this”! Honestly, I just wanted to graduate, due to the stress of having to defend my dissertation. At that time, Lillian Brown Seays, was the Publisher of ONYX Magazine. I took my three chapters to her and I just knew she would laugh at me — she didn’t! She published my book and organized autograph signings. Here we are four books later!

You have a book titled "Blind Faith: My Life-Changing Journey In China". What is a synopsis of the book?
Immersing yourself in a culture that is not your own and committing to that journey for over a year is not your everyday logic. I loved each moment in China. I lived in Liushi, China, which is about four hours from Shanghai. The experience still astounds me to this very day. I mean, I moved 8,000 miles from home to take a chance on myself and the unknown! I believed in myself and knew I could do this once-in-a-lifetime year abroad. I was given complete autonomy as to how to teach: Western Culture, English, Slang, Business Etiquette and Communications. Several students still email me on a weekly basis. Because of all these reasons and many people asking about my experience, “Blind Faith'' was born.

Blind Faith

What are some words of advice you can give to future authors who want to publish?

First, identify what story you are trying to tell. Second, writing a book is a personal journey so don’t rush. Third, secure a great editor and be willing to accept criticism. Do your homework on a great publishing company or venture out to self-publish.

"First, identify what story you are trying to tell. Second, writing a book is a personal journey so don’t rush. Third, secure a great editor and be willing to accept criticism. Do your homework on a great publishing company or venture out to self-publish".

Can you tell us more about your podcast "Self-Discovery on Sunday with Dr. D"?

Ahhhh! This is my joy!!! When the pandemic hit, I could no longer travel. My D-Team (Publicist, Agent, Web Guru, Intern) and I wanted to stay creative. They suggested that I host my own podcast as a weekly show. At first I did not love the idea, however; the more they pitched this concept, I was on board. This is a space where I break everything down about life and I’m the example. My audience emails me daily on various topics to discuss and now we are in over 30 countries!!! Due to my rapid growth, I was honored with a Billboard in Times Square, New York City for 3 weeks! My face in TIMES SQUARE!!!  After that global exposure, a few sponsors have joined me and the collaboration has been a blessing. My podcast is now on EVERY STREAMING PLATFORM!!!

What type of topics do you talk about on your podcast?

Literally EVERYTHING!!! Self-Motivation, Determination, Being Overwhelmed, Celebrating Success, Learning to Say “No”, Creating New Circles and Love.

Dr. Denise Y. Mose

Are there any challenges you've had being both an entrepreneur and author?

Absolutely!!! First, realize that something in your life needs to change. We all know when something is off and it’s key to not avoid that feeling. Blind Faith is jumping into something and having no clue as to how it will work out, yet deep down inside your core you KNOW it’s going to be great. I did not speak Mandarin, I had no family in China, and I’d never been there - yet, I was so beyond READY!!! Once I lived in China for three months, I traveled to Hong Kong. By the summer, Thailand was added to my list. As I completed my year I flew to the following: Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, India, Singapore and
Dubai!!! It was the best year of my life! Being an Entrepreneur is an investment of money, time and even doubt. There will be people who won’t believe in you so it’s paramount that your self-worth is high.

You also love fashion! Describe your fashion style.

I would say my style is Fashionable yet Functional! Latoya Hayden is my Stylist, and she explores various looks on me depending on the event. Style is personal so it’s really your personal glow that comes through in the wardrobe.

Outside of writing, what are some other hobbies that you enjoy?

I’m an undercover Iron Chef. Cooking is extremely calming to me and allows me to relax. I enjoy the pots boiling, cutting vegetables, sautéing poultry, and fixing a very good adult beverage.

Dr. Denise Y. Mose

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Dr. Denise Y. Mose

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