March/April 2024 Health/Wellness

E n L o v e C a n d l e s

Nerma LaFrance


What inspired you to start your entrepreneurship journey?

Living amidst the vibrant energy of New York City, I found my muse to embark on the path of entrepreneurship. Growing up in a Haitian household in the bustling heart of Brooklyn, I sought to craft a sanctuary of serenity, embracing slowness, stillness, and self-care. After cultivating this oasis for myself, I felt a deep calling to share it with the world. Thus, EnLoveCandles was born—a gentle beacon of light, adorned with scents, flowers, hues, and crystals. Inviting others to pause, breathe, and dwell in the present moment.

It is Spring season! What candle would you recommend to set the mood for a wonderful Spring scent?

For the blooming spirit of Spring, I recommend INTUESSENCE. This tender blue candle carries the soothing whispers of the sea, complemented by delicate blue lotus flowers, evoking focus and tranquility. Enhanced with Sodalite, it guides towards clarity, intuition, and emotional equilibrium. Moreover, Clear Quartz stands sentinel, warding off negativity and amplifying intentions. Let INTUESSENCE be your gentle guide into the realm of Spring's embrace.

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