LDL Magazine Timeline Origin

LDL Magazine

Timeline Origin

Le'Marqunita De'sharay Lowe

  • 2005 Le'Marqunita De'Sharay Lowe, founder of LDL Magazine, becomes an indie author.  At Bedford High School, Le'Marqunita publishes her 1st poetry book before graduating high school. Le'Marqunita credits this as the beginning foundation where she learned about the publishing industry.
  • 2005-2007 Le'Marqunita becomes a columnist for her college newspaper, BG News. She credits her college newspaper experience with learning how to write editorial style.
  • 2007-2013 Le'Marqunita Lowe edits and ghostwrites for many authors.
  • 2014 Le'Marqunita Lowe is signed to a traditional publishing company. She publishes her first children's book. 
  • 2015-2020 Le'Marqunita privately writes for solace. Le'Marqunita removes all of her prior published books from most sellers, except for her children's book. She credits this as her shift to only releasing publishing material that is conscious and can have a positive impact on lives.
  • 2020-2022 Le'Marqunita De’Sharay Lowe is featured in multiple mainstream magazines due to her being an industry leader in the sustainable fashion industry and handmade vegan cosmetics. Le'Marqunita begins to create her own business plan to officially launch LDL Magazine.
  • 2022 Le'Marqunita Lowe creates the title of the magazine "LDL" from her acronym Le'Marqunita De’Sharay Lowe. Le'Marqunita Lowe reaches out to her 1st cover, Karen Enid Reyes, her pageant sister, to help her release the 1st issue of LDL Magazine.
  • 2022-2023 LDL Magazine releases 10 issues, expands to domestic and international libraries, and organically grows its subscribers base.
  • November/December 2023 LDL Magazine celebrates it's 1 year anniversary. LDL Magazine transitions from a monthly magazine to a bi-monthly magazine.
  • 2024 LDL Magazine contracts with an ed-tech company, and expands its distribution to African schools and universities.  LDL Magazine expands to France, with a distribution to educational institutions, UNESCO, and businesses in France.