May/June 2024 Photography

Jane Feldman

Award-winning photojournalist, Photographer, Author, Speaker, & Activist

What inspired you to start your journey as a photojournalist?

I have always loved photography, and I have always been a storyteller. I began my career in Fashion and Advertising, because I knew that I wanted to photograph people. That's where I learned the Power of the Image. After witnessing some of the “dark side” of the fashion business (ageism, racism, sexism, false messaging defining beauty, the exploitation of young women), and more, I realized that I had a choice in how I could use the camera. The camera could be used not only to brand and sell products, but also as a “weapon for good” - a quote from one of my heroes, photographer, Gordon Parks. I realized that I could confront all those “isms” with my camera! My focus ever since has been to show us our interconnectedness.

How would you describe your photography style and aesthetic?

My style is best described as that of a “realist.” When I started in photography, I was trained to shoot film (pre-digital photography). I’m grateful for that. I enjoy the sense of realism that the camera can provide, especially without filters and AI. I focus on the beauty in real life whenever possible and to create positive images. I think we are inundated by negative messages and images and “fake” digital representations, and I do not wish to contribute further.

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Photo of Jane Feldman looking through the lens at The Riverside Church NY (with Angela Davis, Michele Alexander and Cornel West) by Hassan El-Gendi @riversidenyc @brothercornelwest @_angeladavis1944 @thehassinian

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama together at The Seeds of Compassion Conference in Seattle, Washington 2008

Photo of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Jane Feldman taken by Sylvia Lewis @sylvia88

Models: Sarah Ocul with Designer and Model : Adrian Alicea in Central Park @sarahocul_ @iamadrianalicea

Model: Steevi King (Mohawk from Akwesasne)
T-shirt design for Steevi King created by Reclaim Your Power

Actor and Model Furaha Moye’ @furaha.moye

Jefferson's Children: The Story of One American Family
(published by Random House) @randomhouse

Shannon LaNier (Co-author of Jefferson's Children: The Story of One American Family, and Madison Hemings descendant)
LaNier family walking down Mulberry Row at Monticello @mrshannonlanier @tjmonticello

Malik Yoba (Actor/Activist and former head of the Citykids Repertory Company) @malikyoba @citykids_nyc

Left To Right:
Grammy award winner Joanne Shenandoah (Oneida Nation) with Native Grandmothers: Flordemayo (Maya), Unci Rita (Oglala Lakota), Joanne's Daughter: Leah Shenandoah (Oneida), and Grandmother Perci Ani (Hopi Tewa) at the Gathering For Humanity In New Mexico) @jovinnachan