Swin City League

Tony Swindle

Swin City League

What motivated you to start Swin City League?

We saw a void within our community with certain things. There was a lot of division among the community. We created our organization to bring our city together.

Why is literacy important to you?

Educating our youth and our adults is key to building the future. We have learned that everyone can learn from the future and the past.

Where are you located?

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

What age groups does your league serve?

We serve boys/men and girls/women from third grade up to professionals.

For people who might not understand how a league operates, can you explain how your league prepares athletes for success?

We are the only league in Dallas/Fort Worth area that NBA and college players are able to play in without getting in trouble or fined. Players such as Emmanuel Mudiay and Isaiah Austin that were 1st Round draft picks, and Justin Dentmon that played NBA/overseas and with the Ice Cube Big3. Chicago Bulls Carlik Jones, Atlanta Hawks Donovan Mitchell, Antonious Cleavland former Dallas Maverick currenting playing in Australia. Andrew Jones from UT Austin player, Leukemia survivor and current overseas player. Erick Neal hometown hero current Allstar overseas player.

Swin City League

Many G-League players, current overseas players like Jayla Johnson, current WNBA/Athlete Unlimited player Odyssey Sims, Akil Spimpson former pro local community liaison. Andrea Riley former WNBA first rounder, Nikkie Green current overseas player. Bride Hopoate, who plays in Australia, comes to Dallas to play during the offseason. College players like TCU Mike Miles, Micah Peavy, Harvard's stand out Harmoni Turner, BIG12 analyst King McClure.

We provide all things that basketball has to offer, from playing the game, from teaching the game, media education, statistician, and more.

Our league develops players mentally and physically at a very young age to help them understand the fundamentals of hard work, sportsmanship, and competitiveness for self-development.

Then we have the high school side where we provide the exposure of what college has to offer if they are looking for a basketball scholarship.

Then we have our pro side. The pro side is different from everything else. We provide a safe place for pros to work on their game during the off season. Our pro side gives our youth a chance to see pros that play in the NBA, college and pros that play overseas, and give youth a chance to see them play that can't afford to go to a regular season game.

Swin City League

How can people partner with you and financially support your organization?

They can reach us by email or call us 1-214-938-7273

Are there any challenges you've had to overcome growing your community organization?

Some of the biggest challenges have been primarily financially because we help at-risk youth.

What are some words of advice you can give to future CEOs who want to launch a community organization or non-profit?

The biggest lie we have been told is, "It is not that simple. It is that simple". Just
figuring it out simply comes with mistakes.

"The biggest lie we have been told is, "It is not that simple. It is that simple". Just figuring it out simply comes with mistakes".

Outside of your business, what are some other hobbies that you enjoy?

I spend time with my family. I enjoy the outside and art.

Swin City League

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