March/April 2024 Community Service

D r .  M  i c h e l l e  S.  T h o m a s

T h e  E x c e p t i o n a l  W o m a n  N e t w o r k

What inspired you to start your non-governmental organization (NGO) “The Exceptional Woman Network?”

I started my leadership experience at the early age of 19. That process was challenging, yet extremely educational and became the “foundation” of my understanding of what it takes as a woman of color to be within a professional environment. As I navigated my 30+ years of leadership, business, executive acumen and multi-billion dollar industries, I noticed that I was alone at the “seat of the tables” I had in those industries. I wanted to make historical changes for women of color within business, invoking “sustainable and profitable” businesses!

Why did you choose this NGO company name and what does the name represent?

I wanted to name this Network something that would clearly encompass the understanding that we are all women of excellence! For me, it mentally, emotionally, and professionally tells the world and our members that being an Exceptional Woman doesn’t mean we are perfect, but women of an Exceptional Quality of Ethics, Integrity, and Legacy!

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