November/December 2023 Beauty/Nails

K a n d y y  K i s s  C o s m e t i c s

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 K a n d y y  K i s s  C o s m e t i c s

What inspired you to start your cosmetics journey?

My journey started at home! I am a single mother of three. Everyone in my household suffers from seasonal eczema including myself! I needed to come up with a remedy that wouldn’t strip our skin of its natural oils. I’ve noticed over the years using big brands to try and remedy this never really worked. I buckled up, joined YouTube Academy (if you know you know!) and did my months long research to find a remedy! Through the months of researching, testing, trial and error, I finally found a natural solution with my handcrafted body butters! Once I tested my formula, and got opinions back ,I was ecstatic! Not only was my formula healing to the skin, it left you feeling smooth all day long! I’ve never felt results like this from bigger brands, this was new and exciting! Once I let my family test out my formulations we all came to the agreement that I need to sell this! The world needs to have this product! Once I mastered my top selling body butters recipes, I dived into more natural skincare! I felt there was nothing I couldn’t learn , research, and try !

Tell us more about the hand making process. How long does it take you to handmake your products?

My standard formula for my whipped body butters take between 4-6 hours to make one unscented batch! Between measuring, weighting, melting, and whipping the product, it is an all day event! After I get my final consistency of butter base, I can then add the fun fragrances and colors! Of course, everyone’s favorite part of piping body butters too! Not only that, I create and print my own labels! Everything is done in house with love!

Do you have a favorite product from your brand?

My favorite product from my brand is definitely the whipped body butters! They are the first real product I hand crafted on my own! I was so proud when I first crafted it . It’s amazing what you can do with drive and motivation!

K a n d y y  K i s s  C o s m e t i c s

It is holiday time! Can you list 3 of your products that would make amazing stocking stuffers?

Three products that are perfect for stocking stuffers would be my Minis (2oz) whipped body butters! They come in small adorable packaging and are made with 10+ different fragrances! Also, I sell ultra hydrating lip glosses with many fun flavors! The final product would be my shimmer oils; who doesn’t love a little glitter in their life ? A little something for everyone !

Describe the different scents that are in your body butters and body frosting.

Currently, my shop has over 15 different fragrances. We have sweet, savory, flirty, floral, bakery scents, and unisex and masculine fragrances! Also, we have unscented products as well! There’s something for everyone!

How do you recommend using body scrubs?

When using body scrubs, we recommend always applying the scrub to wet/damp skin! Rub in circular motions to get rid of dirt/dead skin cells! Then rinse away and pat dry! Always follow up with body butter or your choice of moisturizer. 

What are some of the skin benefits of body scrubs?

Body scrubs help to get rid of dirt buildup/dead skin that regular bathing can't cover! The sugar in body scrubs help to exfoliate your skin leaving it smooth and refreshed! They help with strawberry legs with consistent use! 

Are there any challenges you've had to overcome as an entrepreneur?

Plenty! No one talks about the trials it takes to become a successful entrepreneur! It’s expensive and there’s no fast way to do it! You have to have the passion in your craft if you’re going to make it anywhere. Hours and hours of research, testing, trials, error, failed projects! It’s a tough mental load. I’ve had my share of doubts, but I keep pushing forward!

K a n d y y  K i s s  C o s m e t i c s

"No one talks about the trials it takes to become a successful entrepreneur! It’s expensive and there’s no fast way to do it! You have to have the passion in your craft if you’re going to make it anywhere".

What are some words of advice that you can give to future entrepreneurs who want to start a cosmetics company?

Do your research! This is basic, but such an important part of your journey! No one is going to hand you free recipes or information! If you’re serious about this business, then you need to be able to and willing to spend the time and money it takes to actually succeed! Can you leave our readers with a daily skincare tip to leave their skin moisturized? 

Exfoliate and hydrate! It’s important to exfoliate your skin at least 1-2 times weekly to keep it fresh and rejuvenated! I highly recommend body butters for long lasting moisture and skin smoothness!

Outside of your business, what are some other hobbies that you enjoy?

I used to be a professional chef! I really enjoy being in the kitchen and crafting new food ventures! Also, I'm a foodie at heart and love trying new things/recipes!

K a n d y y  K i s s  C o s m e t i c s

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