November 2022

Gayathri Krishnan

Create to Express 

Hello Gayathri Krishnan. Can you tell us a little bit more about what "Create to Express" means? What was the inspiration for the title?

Hello! I'm so grateful for this opportunity. The phrase "create to express" is a reminder to create and release music from my heart space. It's an affirmation to tap back into my inner knowing. 

I heard this phrase at a music event long before I started making the EP. I went to watch one of my favorite musicians Sid Sriram that day. During his performance he said something along the lines of, “create to express, never to impress.” These words resonated with me. After me and Jisoo completed the EP this phrase came back to me. It felt natural to call the project Create to Express.

“Create to express, never to impress.”

How do you define yourself as creative?

I couldn't define myself just as one thing. I think of myself as a vessel open to the divine’s intervention, and in turn, receive euphoric moments of flow. I love being involved in every step of the process. I enjoy coming up with concepts for cover art, producing, arranging, giving feedback on mixes, music videos, styling, makeup, live performance, etc. It makes me feel alive. I go through all of the emotions starting with pure bliss when discovering a new idea to self-doubt and anxiety on release day. It’s exhilarating. If I think about a concept, then I’ll try everything to manifest it into my physical reality. Creating is a lot of collaboration, trial and error, and at the end of the day surrender.

When did you first start your music journey? Did you have an enlightening moment where you just knew that you wanted to sing?

My music journey began at around four or five. My amma and appa joined me in Carnatic music lessons (vocal & keyboard) as well as Bharatanatyam. Both of which are classical South Indian art forms. I then joined choir in middle and high school. The stage soon became a place of comfort. Senior year of high school my friend Vijay produced my first song “Starry Night.” I remember listening to the mix in my car. This was such a cool moment for me. There is not a particular moment I wanted to be a singer. Up until this point, I believe my life has been made up of several moments that have guided me toward my destiny. 

I discovered you through your song "444" on Instagram. 444 is such an inspirational song. Can you explain more about what the song title represents?  

Much appreciated. It’s always heartwarming to hear how my songs and listeners find one another. I named the song "444" because it represents resilience and manifesting one's dreams. This song is dedicated to my parents and my lineage. At the time of making the EP, I was interested in angel numbers and their meanings. I would go on walks, drives, or check the time and 444 kept reappearing whenever I thought about music. It then became my angel number. Seeing the number 444 encouraged me and strengthened my faith in myself and my music. 

"Seeing the number 444 encouraged me and strengthened my faith in myself and my music".

Your EP mentions how your family plays a huge role in your success, motivation, and music. How has your family impacted you as a person and your music?

My family has impacted me musically, spiritually, and molded me into the human and artist I am today. In the Krishnan household, one can hear anything from ancient hymns, Tamil movie music, and Carnatic music, to gazals. The list goes on. My mom, dad, and brother have always supported me in pursuing music, and are my biggest cheerleaders. Since a young age, my parents have given me a safe space to explore my passions and pursue them. Their unconditional love has brought me to where I am today. 

Who are some artists that influence your musical style?

My musical style is a melting pot of all the melodies, rhythms, and stories I’ve heard and gathered. I like listening to all genres of music. My friends, who are artists, inspire me. Artists who I don’t know personally inspire me, nature inspires me, etc. Artists that I am currently listening to right now are Sevdaliza, Green Tea Peng, and (((O))). 

Gayathri Krishnan

What are some passions and hobbies you love to do outside of music?

Family and friends are important to me. I like spending quality time with loved ones and sharing a meal together. I dance, go on walks, and take naps. 

What are some words of advice you would give to an aspiring musician/artist?

Stay true to your vision and take breaks to replenish yourself. For me, solitude, limited time on social media, and journaling keeps me from comparing myself to others. 

I must say you have a pretty cool fashion style! What are some of your favorite stores and styling pieces?

Thank you! I either thrift my clothes or get them from Etsy. 

Where can people find your music, website, and social media links?
Spotify: Gayathri Krishnan 
Apple Music: Gayathri Krishnan  
Youtube: Gayathri Krishnan  
Instagram: @gayathriikrishnan
Twitter: @444Gayathri
Tik Tok: @gayathriikrishnan
Gayathri Krishnan

Talent and MUA: Gayathri Krishnan 

Photographer and Creative Direction: Ashvini Navaratnam 

Producer: Girl Gang NYC 

Shawn Savedge 

90s Mood

For people who might not know the face behind your "90s.mood" Instagram page, can you let us know your name?

My name is Shawn Savedge.

How did you start the 90s R&B page? Why the 90s?

Well, I started my 90s R&B while I was spending the night at my friend's house. My mind always starts to race at night. I was on my personal Instagram page. I made a post "Should I make a throwback page? I had about three comments that said "Yes" and the rest is history lol.

Who are some of your favorite 90s artists and musicians?

Joe, Brian McKnight, Brandy, SWV, Jade, Aaliyah, Monica, Mint Condition, and 112. The List goes on.

l absolutely love your sense of humor in many of your videos? Are you that hilarious in real life?

Haha yes when I'm around my friends. To be honest, I'm pretty shy believe it or not, but when it's time to act a fool I go all out.

Shawn Savedge

Have you met any of the celebrities that you post about? Were you star struck or did you play it off cool?

I met Monica for the first time back in 2017 backstage at a concert, and she left me speechless, very sweet. The second person I had a chance to meet was Di Reed from Jade. She actually showed up to my birthday dinner. I gave her the biggest hug lol. I couldn't believe it. She's an inspiration to my life.

Outside of music, can you tell us three things about yourself that your audience might not know about?

I'm very shy. I love watching random documentaries. I'm vegan.

"I'm very shy. I love watching random documentaries. I'm vegan".

You are a really good dancer in your videos? Are you a natural dancer, or did someone teach you your dance moves?

Yes, growing up I loved to dance around the house when I was little, probably about 4 years old. I'm a visual learner so it was always easy. I never had any one to teach me. I used to sit around watching music videos growing up. Missy Elliott, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, Ciara, Mya, and Aaliyah.

I noticed you are a huge Aaliyah fan, and I am too! What is your favorite Aaliyah song and video?

It's super hard! My favorite has to be "The One lI Gave My Heart To". Ilove the lyrics to that song. Aaliyah really showcased her vocal abilities. My favorite Aaliyah video is "Are You That Somebody". It was just full on choreography, and I loved the visuals.

Fall 2022 90s Playlist 

Shawn Savedge

Jade "Don't Walk Away"

Swv "Always On My Mind"

Mint Condition "If You Love Me"

Dru Hill "April Showers"

D'Angelo "Brown Sugar"

Aaliyah "4 Page Letter"

Ralph Tresvant "When I Need Somebody"

Groove Theory "Tell Me"

Shai "Baby l'm Yours"

Allure "All Cried Out"

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Jynn Cole

Recording Artist, Singer, & Songwriter 

Jynn Cole

What is your musical style? Can you describe your sound?

My music is an R&B dreamscape of vintage soul vocals, and hypnotic funky melodies that give familiar feelings.

Who are some musicians that inspired your musical style?
Michael Jackson, Brandy, Jamiroquai, Toni Braxton, Jazmine Sullivan, Chaka Khan, and Alanis Morrisette.
Tell us more about your song "Honey Fall".

Honey Fall is a song about a woman celebrating the effect a man's love has on her whole existence when he gives her that “Special Attention”.

You are an absolute Goddess at TikTok? You have a natural talent for mixing music with comedy. Tell us more about how you create the creativity behind your TikTok videos?

Thank you so much! Honestly, I just come up with a goofy idea that I can’t stop laughing about, or something I’m passionate about. I do everything in my power to put it out there just as I see it in my head. If the concept is easy to do, then I’m more likely to do it lol.

I do everything in my power to put it out there just as I see it in my head.

I just have to ask about the Lion King Leo season TikTok video that you created. It is such a cool song! Did you write those lyrics yourself?

Yes, I did. It all started one Leo season when a facebook friend of mine started talking about how much she couldn’t stand hearing Leos talk about our season. So I sat down and tried to think of the perfect way to respond to all of the hate. I always made references to the Lion King, so "Circle of Life" seemed like a perfect song to use, and something that will stick in your head. I really just wrote out what my response would have been if I were making a Facebook post about it. Once I recorded the song on my phone, I really felt like it had potential. My brother is a producer/sound engineer. I asked for his help recording the song. When I couldn’t find a videographer I just asked my brother to use his iphone. We rode up to Belle Isle and filmed it lol.

You seriously slay those poses in your photographs? Do you foresee modeling in the future?

Thank you! Yes, I actually do. It has been very impactful on my self-love journey.

Jynn Cole

When you are not singing, what are some things you like to do in your spare time?

If I’m not in somebody’s stage play, then I’m either writing or drawing.

You've performed at some amazing venues and events. For new artists looking to get booked and have paid shows what are some words of advice you can give to them?

Put yourself out there. Make friends with people who are doing what you want to do. Place yourself in these environments, and like a snowball effect things will start coming to you.

You also sang "The National Anthem". How did you prepare for singing "The National Anthem?"

I just remember reading the lyrics over and over. Even though I knew the words, playing a recording of me singing it in the key I need, and trying to hear that note in the front of my mind as I watched them pull up my name on the big screen. Most importantly, I just tried to imagine and deliver the feeling of this song and what each phrase actually meant.

Jynn Cole

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