January 2023 Community Service

Motivated and Empowered

Bianca Crawford

Bianca Crawford

You are the leader of a non-profit called Motivated and Empowered? Can you let us know about your mission?

Our mission is to empower girls to be their best “me” by providing them with support in all areas of their lives. We focus on finding their spark and igniting that so that they look to that to push past the adversities they may face in their lives.

"We focus on finding their spark and igniting that so that they look to that to push past the adversities they may face in their lives."

Securing donations can be challenging for any organization? What are some steps you take to securing donations?

To secure donations we ensure that our programs evaluations and outcomes are documented so that donors understand the impact level we have. We then focus on relationship building and learning from our donors. Lastly, we ensure to spotlight everyone no matter how large or small the contribution may be.

What childhood and young adult personal experiences empowered you to help other young girls/women?

I was born to a teen mom and that was the beginning of my pain. By 5, I was homeless over 10 times. By 9, I was molested; by 11 raped; 15 I found myself in juvenile facing a 7 year sentence. At 16, I graduated high school a year early. I was accepted into 22 colleges and universities, but I did not know what that meant. I could not get my mom to agree to me going to college. I then found myself at Kent State University homeless and in a domestic violence relationship. Through those moments, I learned how to find strength and purpose. I want to help girls and women find theirs.

Bianca Crawford

"Through those moments, I learned how to find strength and purpose. I want to help girls and women find theirs."

How did you enter ministry? How has your faith guided your personal and professional life?

I have been in church all my life. God has always been my source of strength in my life. My relationship changed in college when I tried to commit suicide. I was on the table getting my stomach pumped out when God told me He had more work for me to do. Later, I was called to the ministry. My ministry was to preach,teach and empower women and girls all over. That has kept me focusedin everything I do because I want to live in my purpose and not in thedesires of others.

You are also a motivational speaker. What are some topics and events you have spoken about?

My expertise is a wide span. This year I spoke at many business events on how to build a sustainable six-figure business and non-profit simultaneously. Also, I spoke in Malaysia this year on the tools needed to push past adversities in business. Other topics I speak on are how to have a Million Dollar Mindset; How to Move from Broken to Grace; How to create Sustainability in Nonprofits, and I preach on whatever God gives me. My favorite sermon this year was "You don’t have a Seek Me problem; You have a first problem.”

What is "Purpose Consulting"? What type of services do you offer with Purpose Consulting?

I help CEOs, actresses, and influential leaders start a sustainable non-profit through proper formation, branding, and free money.

Bianca Crawford

You are an author. What are the book(s) you published?

"Broken 2 Grace"
"I’m Just a Girl…and I like it. (Journal for Girls)"
"Beautifully Broken Prayer Journal"
Currently, I am working on my next book “Girl, Clean Out your Closet”.

Tell us more about your transportation services business.

This is a mortuary transportation company my husband started picking up the deceased for funeral homes after hours. I am the COO and I secure the contract, manage the finances, and maintain our relationships.

What are some words of advice you would give to people wanting to startup a non-profit organization?

It is a lot of work, but the impact potential is worth it. So, do it right.

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